Stopover or stay in Guadeloupe ? You can discover or rediscover Guadeloupe in the company of your tour guide an driver Ulrick.

The tours below are just a few suggestions. Do not hesitate to tell us more about your preferences and we will offer you a ride to suit you.
The circuit shown on the map of Guadeloupe represents a tour daparting from the town called Gosier. However, wherever possible, all departures are from your accomodation.
Good news : there is no minimum number of participants.
The north oh the island called Basse-Terre offers us a visit full of charm. Rivers and waterfalls, the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe with ocher sand...

North Basse-Terre is the location for a lot of filming, documentary, TV series, vlogs, holiday films...

Come see for yourself the beauty of North Basse-Terre with Ulrick your guide and driver.

For an afternoon tour, you can end the day by enjoying a delicious coconut sorbet and marveling at a sublime sunset on one of the magnificient beaches of the west coast of Guadeloupe.

The duration : 5 hours

Rate : 52€*
HOT BATH (hot springs) :
Although this tour is the 2nd to appear on my website, you can insert it wherever you want and even renew it as you wish.
The south of Basse-Terre is rich in hot springs, hence the presences of sites for thermal cures and thalassotherapy. We will do the whole South Basse-Terre. Let's take advantage of a few stops.

The duration : Full day or half day

Rate : 75€*

280 species of birds, 14 species of bats, 6 species of turtles (including one only in the mangrove or back-mangrove areas), 300 species of trees and shrubs,...

Visiting the Guadeloupe National Park is the time to reconnect with the nature. In the company of Ulrick, your guide an driver, you will visit the land part but also the maritime part of the Guadeloupe National Park.

Duration : 5 hours

Rate : 46€*

In the company of Ulrick, your guide, you will take an oxygenated stroll through the heart of the Guadeloupe National Parck and a floral garden, where we will find both the passion for flowers and the protection of wildlife.

Why not take advantage of this moment to learn more about the use of our plants in herbal medicine.

Duration : 5 hours

Rate : 37€*

Historic sites linked to slavary, windmills, ponds, sugarcane fields as far as the eye can see, green enrgy production,... The Northern Grande-Terre has many attractions. You will visit some unique sites located there.

Duration : 4 hours

Rate : 48€*

In Guadeloupe, it's on the island of Grande-Terre that the largest cane basin is locatied. The onlu sugar factory is there and it's located not far from the two only distilleries of the island of Grande-Terre.

You will discover some historical and archaeological sites in this part of Guadeloupe as well as the beautifull landscape of the East of Grande-Terre.

Do you want to visit a distillery ? I have a recommendation for you. We talk about it in private

Duration : 4 hours (including the distillery 5h30)

Rate : 49€*

From Caloucaera (Karukéra) to Guadeloupe, via Santa Maria de Guadalupe, you will visit archaeological, memorial and historical sites of Guadeloupe.

According to some specialists, the first inhabitants of our archipelago arrived more than 4000 years ago. We are going back in time and follow in their footsteps.

Duration : All day

Rate : 65€*
*The fares stated here are the cost per passenger for 6 passengers. Our legislation prohibits us from offering "instead" rates. We include its prices for information purposes only.


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